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Software and its types and What is Software

Software and its types and Did you ever think What is Software

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Did you ever think What is Software?
a software is just a program which has the ability to run any machine or device in the term of IT field it can be used to operate the hardware and other attached device of your computer (known as system software) or a software can also be use to perform your daily life works (known as application software) now you will see everything is based on software technology like your mobile, television, cars, even your watch because of this the importance of software engineering is also increasing every day.

Software Engineering:
Software engineering is a large field which work in the IT industry in which you learned how to develop a software because each kind of software has different objects and components so you need to apply some engineer work to develop a software and for this you have to perform your work in some basic steps of engineering like: requirement gathering, planning, modeling, implementation, and finally testing. Software engineering is like an art in which you have to think deeply and develop some techniques to accomplish your task, each and every software contain some information, data, and artificial intelligence which tells the software how to respond and behave.

There are different kinds of software which have different purposes here is the explanation for each kind of software:

Application Software:
Now you better know what is software but may you still didnt know about the application, an application software is a useful part that makes our life easy and fast it helps us to perform lots of the work automatically that we did manually in the past but after the development of application software our life style has been changed. Any application software has the ability to do some task and you can get any type of application software according to your needs the simple and common example of application software is the calculator that you can install on your system and it can operate all the calculation which you cant perform manually yourself.

System Software:
Any device which is connected with your computer it need a software that will be able to run that device therefore you get the software with each hardware device basically it control all the devices which are attached with your computer like scanner, printer, Fax, etc. The simplest example of system software is an operating system which allows your computer to run your computer is just an empty box with the operating system, system software creates an interaction between the user and the system.

Enterprise software:
This is another useful kind of software which used in business and organizational management it is designed to perform business relative task it has proven very successful tool for business and organizational work because there is very less chances of error in software oriented work and it also minimize the quantity of employers because now the lots of the work of your business or organization is doing via the software the best example of this kind of software is the online store which allow the user to search, buy and pay online.

Website software:
This is the same kind of software as application software or system software but the very little difference here is that everything that you developed to use on a website rather than the desktop or system it will be called website software all the website softwares based on the internet and it allows users to visit and use its function online without any installation but may it requires some plugins which will make able to run your website software.

Software Package:
A software package can be a component of a computer program that you can install in your computer it also perform some useful task some you can also install packages to upgrade your existing software it contain binary codes in the form of program.

All of these softwares are developed to facilitate and provide effective, efficient, and fast result this technology of software development is continuously growing and many new softwares are introducing which is the really good sign because all of these will definitely give us some more features so if anybody ask you that what is software then you can also define Software as a set of programs in which each program has its own function and coding.
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